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What do we mean by free range?

There is always an enormous amount of press coverage about "free range" and "organic". Just to be sure that you know what we mean by these terms, we have spelt it out here, with the pigs in mind, as there has been much in the press about pigs.

Free Range and Organic:

We promise that our rare breed stock is kept in a high welfare system, that allows the animals to roam freely in our farmers fields whenever the weather permits. The reason why the weather is a factor is with pigs in particular, as they do not like extremes in weather conditions, i.e. : too cold, torrential rain and especially excessive heat (this is due to the lack of pigmentation in the skin- no pun intended).

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Pork / Beef /Lamb /Chicken / Bacon / Sausage / Turkey

For example the pigs are raised in small family units, so the need for tail docking or teeth clipping is eliminated, as the pigs are not cramped or stressed.

We do not use antibiotics or growth promoters as a matter of routine,- medicines are only ever used on a need to treat basis.

Orkney Island Gold needs little explaining. Generations of farming experience has resulted in beef from Orkney gaining an enviable reputation for flavour, texture and appearance. They are selective in the butchers who sell it.

It is worth noting, that we do not pay for the soil association logo. We know our meat speaks for itself, try it..

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